3 Ways To Cook With Pickles

Pickles are undoubtedly one of America's most-beloved condiments. Whether the cucumbers are the fermented deli style pickles with fresh garlic cloves and dill or the sweet and slightly spicy bread and butter pickles, they are a nice accompaniment to burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Of course, they're also great just on their own. Pickles are also good for you. They contain the normal vitamins and minerals present in most vegetables, but they are a good source of probiotics.

Three Ways To Deal With Decaffeination

If you are a faithful coffee drinker who has just been ordered to lower your caffeine intake, the idea of drinking only decaf coffee may be one of the unhappiest thoughts you've ever had. But take heart; it is possible to be happy while not being able to drink as much of the caffeinated coffee that you love. Here are three ways to deal with an order to reduce your caffeinated drink load.

Unique Edible Wedding Favors From The Bakery

Wedding favors are big business across the US. On average they cost around $262, but some couples spend much more. Unique wedding favors are considered a must for many couples who are planning a wedding. Wedding favors can be almost anything, but edible favors are usually a big hit with wedding guests. When it comes to edible wedding favors, the sky's the limit. A visit to a bakery can provide couple's with a variety of ideas for what they plan on giving to their guests.

Understanding The Characteristics Of A Mom And Pop Italian Restaurant For Your Private Party

If you're someone who craves home-cooked food while and are planning a party, reserving space at a local restaurant might be the way to go. Mom and pop Italian restaurants are some of the most fun places to be and offer some great home cooked food that everyone attending your party can enjoy. This guide provides some information on what to look for in a great locally owned mom and pop Italian restaurant or cafe.

Making Your Mexican Restaurant Stand Out

If you live in a town where there seems to be as many Mexican eateries as there are people, it can be difficult to attract customers to your own establishment. The key is in making your Mexican food restaurant unique in design and taste so customers are wowed from their first experience. Learn small ways you can tweak your restaurant's overall image so you can have a full house every night.