A Tasty Tour Of Italy

Italy is a country known for its wonderful food, but when the scenery changes so does the menu. There are many different cooking traditions in Italian culture, and these change with each region of the country. Here are five regions of Italy and some of the foods associated with each.  Sicily Sicilian food is a combination of influences from the Italian mainland and Greece. Pasta, especially ziti, is a staple in Sicily and is often served with olive oil and capers.

Special Diet Requests And Catering

When you're planning your catered event, it is critical that you take special diets into consideration. People without allergies or special dietary needs may not give it a second thought, but that would be a mistake. An estimated 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians, and up to 15 million Americans may have food allergies. Allergies can range from mildly annoying for some people to potentially fatal for others. Take the following steps to ensure your guests have an enjoyable and safe meal at your special event.

Four Ways To Jazz Up Your Office Coffee

Even if your office's coffee is delicious, drinking the same beverage day in and day out can get a little boring. Spice up your coffee routine by adding a few of your ingredients to your morning cup. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Cinnamon Mocha Coffee To make this tasty coffee treat, all you need is a little ground cinnamon and some hot cocoa mix. Keep these ingredients in your desk drawer, and you can make a cinnamon mocha coffee whenever you please.

Shiny, But Not Happy: Don't Put Foil On Your Electric Stove's Drip Pans

If you have an electric stove at home, the drip pans are most likely driving you nuts. Food becomes burnt on to those so quickly that keeping the pans clean seems like an impossible chore. Many people resort to lining the pans with aluminum foil, but that is actually not such a great idea. You're much better off regularly cleaning the pans or even replacing them periodically to ensure optimal burner performance.

3 Reasons To Use Clamshell Packaging For Your Restaurant's Takeout Orders

Are carryout orders a large part of your restaurant business? If so, you likely want to give your carryout customers the same high-quality dining experience that you provide to your dining-in customers. You want their food to be hot. You want it to be aesthetically pleasing. And when they pick up their food, you probably want them to be confident that their order is correct. One way to achieve all those goals is with the correct packaging.