3 Reasons To Use Clamshell Packaging For Your Restaurant's Takeout Orders

Are carryout orders a large part of your restaurant business? If so, you likely want to give your carryout customers the same high-quality dining experience that you provide to your dining-in customers. You want their food to be hot. You want it to be aesthetically pleasing. And when they pick up their food, you probably want them to be confident that their order is correct. One way to achieve all those goals is with the correct packaging. The right packaging can hold in heat and maintain your food's appearance, even while it's in transit. Clamshell packaging is very popular option for this very purpose. Here are three reasons why you should use clamshell packaging for your carryout sandwiches, salads, and more.

It's transparent. Most clamshell packages come with an opaque bottom and a clear top. That means your customers will be able to see their food in the packaging. This is important in enhancing and preserving your restaurant's reputations. When they pick up their food, your staff can clearly show them all their items. That lets them see that they got the correct orders. It also allows them to see their food presented as you intended, before it gets shuffled around in the car. They can leave your restaurant without having to worry that something got mixed up or that they got the wrong items.

It forms a tight seal. Clamshell packaging is among the most secure of all types of plastic packages. The front of the package usually locks together in a tight bond, which prevents heat from escaping and prevents cold air from sneaking in to the package. You can also get clamshell packages in a variety of sizes, so you can get a package that perfectly fits around your sandwich or salad. That gives the food little excess room to slide or shift around while it's in transit, which means your food will still look great when your customers get it out of the packaging.

You can easily brand the package. Clamshell packaging can be easily customized to better reflect your brand. Some restaurants put stickers with their logo, phone number, and website address in the top of the logo. Others may change the color of the top to include their brand's colors. For example, if pink is prominent in your restaurant's brand, you may opt for a translucent lid with a pink hue rather than a clear lid.

Talk to a packaging wholesaler for more information on clamshell packaging. They can recommend options to meet your needs and better serve your customers.