A Tasty Tour Of Italy

Italy is a country known for its wonderful food, but when the scenery changes so does the menu. There are many different cooking traditions in Italian culture, and these change with each region of the country. Here are five regions of Italy and some of the foods associated with each. 


Sicilian food is a combination of influences from the Italian mainland and Greece. Pasta, especially ziti, is a staple in Sicily and is often served with olive oil and capers.

Sicily makes use of its ocean setting with many seafood dishes. Anchovies, swordfish and tuna are all popular ingredients in Sicilian cooking. 


Tuscany is known for its amazing golden olive oil and for its exquisite use of fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and truffles. The area is alive with herbs and spices that bring out the intense flavor in the region's simple dishes. Popular meats eaten in Tuscany include roasted pork and rabbit. 

Tuscany's residents also enjoy peasant breads baked in old fashioned wood burning ovens. 


Cooks in the mountainous region of Abruzzo use local foods to make filling dishes fit for mountain life. Many Abruzzo recipes start with a combination of olive oil, tomatoes and chili peppers. People in Abruzzo like their food spicy, so chili peppers are in demand. Local chefs are also partial to saffron. 

Soups made from fresh vegetables are popular, and seafood from the Adriatic Sea is eaten often. Lamb and kid goat meat are common main dishes. 


Pasta and cheese are favorite ingredients in Basilicata cuisine. People in this region also regularly eat lamb and sausage. One popular dish called pignata di pecora is made by cooking lamb, pork, potatoes, tomatoes and spices in a clay pot, 

Wide noodles are the pasta of choice in Basilicata, and both sheep and cows are milked for cheese. Almond flavored cookies are served as a dessert. 


The island of Sardinia is home to chefs who love to cook seafood. From lobsters to clams and sardines, of course, Sardinia is the place for people who enjoy a good seafood meal. 

Cooking over an open flame is popular in Sardinia, and the people often roast pig or lamp over an open fire. Meat is usually served with a tomato based sauce. 

Italy is far more than just pizza and spaghetti. It is a country with a variety of tastes, and each region has its own specialties to enjoy. To find out more about Italian food, go to a restaurant like Ynot Pizza.