Unique Edible Wedding Favors From The Bakery

Wedding favors are big business across the US. On average they cost around $262, but some couples spend much more. Unique wedding favors are considered a must for many couples who are planning a wedding. Wedding favors can be almost anything, but edible favors are usually a big hit with wedding guests. When it comes to edible wedding favors, the sky's the limit. A visit to a bakery can provide couple's with a variety of ideas for what they plan on giving to their guests.

Custom Bread

Delicious, custom-made bread is a great choice for a wedding favor. It's also a very unique choice. Couples can choose their favorite type or types of bread and send them home with their guests. Custom wrapping with the couple's names can be added for a nice touch. Adding a jar of jam also allows guests to enjoy their wedding favors. There are also ways to work the same bread into the reception meal. Couples can work with the bread supplier to ensure that the bread that is served during the wedding meal is the same type of bread that is sent home as a wedding favor.

Petit Fours

One of the biggest highlights of any wedding is the wedding cake. But what if guests could take a little taste of the cake home with them? Petit fours are the perfect way to accomplish this. Petit fours are small square cakes that can be decorated in any style and come in many flavors. Couples can work with their baker in order to create petit fours that match the style of the wedding cake and that are the same flavor. These little cakes are a great way to allow guests to have a taste of the wedding after they leave.

Cookies In A Jar

Cookies are something that almost everyone enjoys. They also make great wedding favors. One of the biggest drawbacks of having cookies as wedding favors is that they can easily crumble and break while being transported. This is why cookies in a jar make great wedding favors. All couples need to do is combine all of the dry ingredients for the cookies in a jar and include instructions on how to make the cookies and attach them to the jar. Couples can work with a baker to come up with a unique recipe for their guests.

Wedding favors are a great way for couples to thank their guests for attending their big day. The bakery is a great place for couples to get inspiration for their wedding favors. Bread, petit fours, and even cookies in a jar are unique favors that couples should consider. 

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