Making Your Mexican Restaurant Stand Out

If you live in a town where there seems to be as many Mexican eateries as there are people, it can be difficult to attract customers to your own establishment. The key is in making your Mexican food restaurant unique in design and taste so customers are wowed from their first experience. Learn small ways you can tweak your restaurant's overall image so you can have a full house every night.

Change your decor

Just because you are a Mexican restaurant doesn't mean you have to design your building like a giant maraca. Doing so can overwhelm diners and give them a sense that you are 'just another Mexican food place'. Instead, choose a more neutral restaurant decor with small Mexican cultural influences to give your eatery a more subdued and classic look. This gives your customers a pleasant shock and allows them to enjoy a calming and fun atmosphere while waiting for their food. Try these decorative changes to give your restaurant an edge:

  • candles on tables and booths
  • Aztec-inspired pottery along walls
  • cloth tablecloths and napkins
  • a working fireplace

You can also repaint your walls to give your diners a welcome feel when they walk into your establishment. Black is exciting and intimate, lime green is fun and whimsical, and deep orange is inviting and cheerful. Choose colors that express a unique and welcome appeal to your customers.

Offer delivery service

You can improve your restaurant's business by offering Mexican food delivery. On average, you can expect 3-6% or more of your sales to come from deliveries if you add this service to your business. People who would otherwise just stay home and not eat out at all can spend money at your restaurant because of the convenience of having their food delivered to them. As a bonus, you'll likely be the only Mexican food restaurant in the area who has this perk, which will make your establishment stand out. To get the most out of your delivery service, have your delivery hours extend beyond your normal business hours so late-night eaters can take advantage of your great food.

Have a party room

Section off an area of your business that can house large parties of people so your restaurant is the one people choose for hosting birthday parties, family reunions, and other large gatherings. You'll attract a whole new base of customers with this convenience, as even people who are not fans of Mexican food will choose your restaurant simply because you have a comfortable space for them to reserve and privately enjoy with their family and friends over a great meal.

When you own a Mexican food restaurant, there are many ways you can make your place stand out among your competition and become your community's favorite place to eat. From decor to seating, you can make your restaurant the one that people want to be at when they think of going out for a bite.