Smooth And Delicious: Swiss Chocolate

Chocolate has long been a favorite treat for young and old alike. Swiss chocolate is considered to be one of the smoothest and most delicious of all forms of this delectable candy. What makes Swiss chocolate so special, and where did its famous heritage for crafting this fine food begin? Read on to learn more about the background and the secrets behind some of the best chocolate in the world.

The Beginning of Swiss Chocolate

In the 1500's, the Spanish brought cocoa back to their country, and the queen had a real affinity for its sweet and delicious flavor. At the time, cocoa was made into a liquid form, and it was drank like a dessert beverage. The popularity of this sweet concoction soon spread through France and then into the rest of Europe. By the 1800's, solid chocolate took over as a more popular way to consume it, and the demand grew even higher. A man named Francois-Louis Callier developed the first mechanical production facilities in Switzerland in 1819. Soon, others followed in his footsteps, developing their craft and setting up shop.


Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of real Swiss chocolate is its undeniably smooth texture. Over the centuries, the Swiss have perfected a process known as tempering, which keeps the chocolate and its ingredients at a consistent temperature while it is being mixed. This process allows the chocolate ingredients to fully bond, and prevents crystals from forming on its surface as it cools. Since the ingredients are mixed perfectly together and at just the right temperature, it creates an amazingly smooth consistency.

The Swiss also pioneered the addition of delicious fillings for their chocolates, namely hazelnut. This light, crispy nut enhances the flavor of the chocolate and really adds to its appeal. Other fillings include fruits like raspberries or extra milk is added to make the chocolate melt in your mouth. When you open a package of Swiss chocolate, you may notice a shiny appearance. This is because of its smoothness and purity. Other chocolate tends to look dull, but Swiss chocolate has an unmistakable sheen.

Other Features

The premier Swiss chocolate makers today continue to use the same classic methods for making their famous chocolate. Some other reasons this chocolate is so good is because cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients. This helps bond everything together and enhance the smooth texture and full flavor. The Swiss also do not use "filler" ingredients like vegetable oil. Instead, they use pure cow's milk and butter. Through years of dedication and honing their craft, it's no wonder Swiss chocolate is still regarded as the best in the world. Visit a candy store, like Abdallah Candies And Gifts, to learn more.