Enjoying Healthy BBQ Catering: 3 Tips And Tricks For A Low Cholesterol Diet

High blood cholesterol is quite a large health issue in America, as it affects over 73.5 million adults. Having this condition puts you at an increased risk for cardiac diseases and other medical conditions. Fortunately, high cholesterol can be controlled and lowered with an increase in exercise and with a healthy diet. Most people are under the misconception that BBQ is completely off-limits for those with high cholesterol, but this could not be further from the truth. Here are 3 tips for making sure that the food that the BBQ catering offers is low in cholesterol.

Watch Out for the Sauces

BBQ sauces are the icing on the cake. They add the delicious, smoky flavor that most Americans adore, and are generally low in fat. The problem lies in the fact that BBQ sauces tend to be quite heavy on the sugar. Studies have shown that excess sugar not only contributes to obesity, but is also linked to an increase in bad cholesterol.

That doesn't mean that you can't have a little bit of sauce with your BBQ though. Just don't slather the sauce on. Request for the BBQ catering to provide a selection of BBQ sauces that contain less sugar, such as those that are mustard or vinegar-based,  rather than high sugar ketchup or molasses-based sauces.

Experiment with Leaner Meats

Although red meats, like pork and beef, go great with BBQ, they contain more cholesterol and fat than white meats like chicken. Instead of the traditional meat options, inquire about other alternatives that the BBQ catering can offer. Many experts recommend going for bison, if you love red meats, as it is much lower in fat and leaner in comparison to beef. Bison also has a hint of sweetness to it that will brighten your palette.

Ease Up on the Spices

Most catering companies will marinate the meats and vegetables before they BBQ them. While this makes the meat more flavorful, it also increases the salt and sugar content, which can cause you cholesterol levels to skyrocket. Request for the meat to be marinated with less spices and get a better taste of the true flavor of the meats and vegetables that the catering company has to offer.


You can still hire a BBQ catering company, like Great Caterers of Iowa, even if you need to watch your cholesterol levels. Simply make sure that the BBQ catering company offers healthy options and alternatives in addition or as a substitution to many of the more traditional recipes.